Church Membership

Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church (GMSBC) was organized in October 1933 as a Missionary Baptist Church. The church is a non-profit organization with approximately 1,500 members and is dedicated to spreading the gospel through establishing, developing, and promoting all aspects of church ministry within Charlotte, NC and the surrounding communities. The church is supported primarily through contributions from our membership. Membership with GMSBC affiliates an individual believer with our congregation. It is often a formalized public declaration of commitment to the church (e.g. baptism, Christian experience, personal testimony, or church letter), in a manner that varies depending on the individual.

Although there is no scriptural mandate for church membership, there is certainly nothing to prohibit it. Church membership with GMSBC is a way of officially identifying oneself with our body of believers. Church membership is a statement that a Christian is in agreement with our church and is willing to be identified as a representative of it. Church membership with GMSBC is also valuable for organizational purposes and a good way of determining who is allowed to vote on important church decisions. It is also a way of determining who can hold and be involved in official church positions and functions. Church membership is simply a way of saying, "I am a Christian and I believe Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church is a good church.

Upon joining GMSBC, all new members must attend a “New Members Orientation Class.” This class teaches some of the history of the church, what it means to be a member, and the policies and procedures of GMSBC. This is a four week class that is held on Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour. All new members must complete Care Ministry training before joining any other Ministry or Auxiliary (Choir, Usher Board, etc.). Upon completion of the class and training, members are then fellowshipped into the church. They are given the right hand of fellowship and at that time have all the rights and privileges of the church like any other member.

Below is a chart that reflects the church's recent growth by category:

Year Baptism Christian Experience Restored Watch Care Total
2010 25 37 5 0 67
2011 29 32 8 1 70
2012 35 40 6 0 81
2013 30 20 1 0 51